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Sign Language Communication


ASL Teacher

I have been teaching the beautiful language of American Sign Language (ASL) for about 25 years at many venues. I have taught at a public high school and a private middle school and high school. I also have taught at a teen center, recreation and park classes-ages 6 months (baby and me)--to adults, afterschool/in school programs at public and private schools for ages preschool to 6th grade. I also have taught adults though an adult education program, as well as via Zoom, across North America. I have taught many homeschoolers, as well, privately and in groups.

I worked for GLAD (Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness) as a job placement counselor, advocate and ASL interpreter for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, helping my clients get and keep great jobs! 

I graduated with my BA from California State University, Northridge, which was a huge Deaf Studies and ASL program. I have 50 post graduate units in special education and World Languages.

I started an ASL program at a private high school and created the entire curriculum from the ground up for ASL 1,2,3, getting all three approved by the University of California, A-G high school graduation requirements.

Communicating in Sign Language
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